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8   7 days ago
Leigh Darby and Dionne first ever BSX LIve show 2014

Bit of babeshow history uploaded here

The first ever Babestation X live show that was encrypted, broadcast in 2014 -and is to R18 level. Made even better because it has fantastic audio quality and no graphics. You can hear every slurp and squeak if you know what I mean. 

Dionne Mendez and Leigh Darby eating each other up. 

8   28 days ago
Uploading Videos info

The encoder doesnt like it when you upload clips in batches. Better to upload one video and wait an hour or so before doing the next upload. I check the encoder regularly every day and will set the thumbnail and activate it where necessary.

If your putting up cam shows please set them to ‘Private’ 

Keep the uploads coming

Terry - Babestation tube Admin

2   28 days ago
Thanks Bmagiq for your recent uploads of Nicole and Sophie..

Unfortunately I had to set them to 'private' as they are way to naughty for free to view, but please keep the great uploads coming.

6   1 month ago
Babestationtube Admin

Lets have some feedback about the content. Please feel free to ask questions or discuss the content. And if your a new user thinking of uploading content please read the FAQ's before doing so to save yourself wasted time. 

Terry. Babestation tube admin.

9   1 month ago


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